" I have worked closely with The National Group since leaving NASA in 1998. Jeff Lawrence, who worked with me at NASA, and Vince Versage are among the premier lobbyists in Washington, D.C. for space, aerospace and defense issues. I offer my highest recommendation... "

- Daniel S. Goldin, Former Nasa Administrator

For decades, NASA, by leading the world in the peaceful exploration of space, has played a critical role in the development and advancement of vital technologies that have changed the way we live. Exploring the boundaries of space, searching for signs of life on other planets, developing and deploying satellites that are key to our daily communications and our national security, and proving humans can live and work in space while performing cutting edge research that enhances biological and environmental health here on Earth, our nation’s space agency performs many functions that drive key research, technological and economic advances.

Led by the former Deputy Administrator for Congressional Affairs at NASA, Jeff Lawrence, the National Group assists corporations from around the country and the world in understanding, navigating and engaging NASA as they seek to participate in its various important missions. We also assist universities in becoming partners of the agency, by identifying how their research capabilities may allow them to fill an important function for NASA, then bringing it to the attention of the agency’s decision makers; from program managers right up to the Center Directors and the 9th floor of NASA Headquarters. We also help to link research universities with large corporations to bid on NASA research proposals.

As we enter a time when the US and NASA are changing the way we get to space by relying on commercial companies to do the routine missions while NASA focuses on the high risk/high reward technologies that took us to the Moon, an understanding of civil space policy is critical. The National Group has a proven record of helping their clients – US and International – do just that. We help them navigate both NASA – here and its many Centers – and the Congress.

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