federal funding

" Vince Versage and The National Group have represented RIT for nearly 30 years. Their expert counsel has helped us secure very significant funding for numerous key initiatives... "

- Debbie Stendardi, Vice President, Government And Community Relations, Rochester Institute Of Technology, Rochester, New York
Over more than 30 years, The National Group’s partners have helped clients secure Billions of dollars in federal funding to help them advance their missions and achieve their goals. The Partners of The National Group are among the most knowledgeable and effective Appropriations lobbyists in Washington, representing dozens of Universities, Colleges, Museums, Hospitals, Health Systems and Non-Profit Organizations in the pursuit of earmarks and programmatic increases through the annual appropriations process for a variety of purposes, including:
  • Research
  • Education
  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Exhibitry
We also help clients win grants and establish funding partnerships with federal agencies. Our experts bring the full weight of their lobbying experience and contacts to bear on your behalf, mining federal agencies for information about priorities and direction as they evolve from one budget year to the next. We also work closely with your Congressional delegation, giving them full briefings on your programs and projects, keeping your initiatives on their front burners, and convincing Members of Congress to weigh in in support of your applications at key times in the process.
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