" When it comes to representing state, county and local governments, The National Group’s partners are among the most knowledgeable, innovative and effective lobbyists in Washington... "

- Mufi Hanneman, Former Mayor, City And County Of Honolulu

When decisions are made in Washington, the greatest impact is often felt by officials at the state, county and local government levels.

Funding and policy decisions related to healthcare, transportation and infrastructure, economic development, the environment, taxes and other key areas can dramatically complicate life for Governors, County Executives, Mayors and others with the responsibility of providing important public services closer to home.

And when the economy takes a turn for the worse, states, counties and municipalities, faced with budget shortfalls and tough decisions, often look to Washington as a way to jumpstart economic growth, create jobs and revitalize communities.

The National Group’s partners have operated at the highest levels of Federal and State government and understand that decisions made and actions taken on Capitol Hill and by federal agencies are crucially important to the ability of state and municipal officials to effectively administer the duties of their respective offices.

The National Group works with state and local governments to protect their interests in Washington when it comes to making policy and establishing funding levels for programs they rely on to get their jobs done. In addition, working with Congress and directly with federal agencies, we have an unparalleled track record of helping secure funding for specific projects and initiatives at the state and local level such as:

  • Economic Development
  • Road and bridge rehabilitation
  • Bike lanes and streetscaping
  • Buses and bus facilities
  • Light rail
  • Storm water and safe drinking water facilities
  • Hiring of law enforcement officers
  • Purchase of equipment and technology for first responders
  • Environmental management
  • And many other purposes

Clients Represented

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