When your business is related to transportation and infrastructure, all roads ultimately lead to Washington.

And whether you are Governor, Mayor, contractor, airport or seaport director, airline executive or union leader, The National Group has the experience and know-how to ensure that you are not left out of the legislative and regulatory processes as they relate to transportation funding and policy.

The National Group’s partners have held senior positions in or represented numerous public and private entities (including hospitals and universities) in the pursuit of funding for a wide array of transportation and infrastructure needs. We have assisted our clients in securing funding for roads, bridges, parking facilities, flood control, water treatment facilities, port dredging, airport expansion, bus and rail improvements, intermodal transportation facilities and many other projects.

Led by Matt Trant, who has served as Deputy Executive Director of the Massachusetts Port Authority, Special Assistant for Intergovernmental Affairs at the US Department of Transportation and Chief of Staff to a Member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, The National Group’s Transportation & Infrastructure team has a wealth of experience and a depth and breadth of knowledge that are unsurpassed in Washington.

We also assist universities interested in performing research related to the nation’s transportation and infrastructure systems. Whether by pursuing a University Transportation Center designation, helping to establish research partnerships with other of our clients or pursuing funding for the acquisition of equipment and education programs related to transportation and infrastructure, the National Group has the resources, expertise and creativity to identify opportunities and achieve success in this area for our research university clients.

Clients Represented

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