" Once completed, The SeaOrbiter will be the world’s most cutting-edge floating laboratory, exploring solutions to environmental challenges and looking to better utilize the immense power of the oceans as a source of clean energy. The National Group’s help in identifying public and private partnerships and advocating for the advancement of our research program will help make SeaOrbiter a reality... "
- Ariel Fuchs, Scientific Director, Seaorbiter

In a world and economy increasingly concerned about issues such as global warming, clean air, clean water and reducing carbon footprints, it is critical that small companies with big ideas for cutting edge, environmentally-friendly technologies have access to funding for research, development and deployment.

While such entrepreneurial endeavors usually look to venture capital as the way to drive their products to market, many are unaware the federal government plays an important role in creating a climate for such efforts to thrive.

The National Group helps clients identify and take advantage of opportunities to bridge the gap between the research bench and marketplace. We have also been very successful in assisting small companies to engage in partnerships with research universities and collaboratives, providing funding and support to keep important green technology development moving forward at critical times.

Clients Represented

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